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Photo-Reviewing: Tales of the Sleepless City

I have recently bought a ton of books taking advantage of an offer at Chaosium. As I have already said, it is going to take me a while to read them all and besides, I have been told that there are some good books that I should read not related with RPGs or the Mythos (if you have also heard about them, please let me know since I am highly skeptical). However, I do have the time to take a few pictures of those that have not already appeared at my two photo-review reference sites: La Marca del Este and Susurros en la Oscuridad.

I am starting with Tales of the Sleepless City, a collection of six adventures by Miskatonic River Press taking place in New York City. You could say that this book is news for two different reasons. First, because it is the latest product released by MRP. Second, because the layout and design was made by Badger McIness, who also made the design for Cthulhu by Gaslight, and who is going to be the designer for the imminent Call of Cthulhu’s 7th Edition (which is expected to appear on Kickstarter this week). Truth is that with these two references, I am sure that it is going to be a great book (at least regarding design, we will talk about the rest once we know more). Well, it was not my intention to rant about other books so here you have the pictures.

The cover, by Paul Carrik, is really good, but the pictures do not show it properly:

The back:

The index:
The cover of one of the chapters (they are all identical, so I think I can skip showing you all):

Some sample page, with maps from NY…

And with maps from the different locations:

There are a lot of pictures, really good ones, although not many are full-page:
The handouts are made by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, as it is usual for MRP. They are absolutely fantastic, and this is just an example:
Even those few pages without maps, handouts, or pictures are visually very attractive:

In summary, it is visually an A job. I put it second in my nerd to-read list after The House of R’lyeh, for which I am already doing my homework, as you can see…

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